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"The detective work in the conservation of our architectural past is as exciting as the unearthing of any lost civilization. Taking the scattered physical evidence left to us by those who are gone and gathering it together into a cohesive whole allows us to see and touch a shadowed past otherwise lost to us."

Building Arts & Conservation offers more than 30 years of combined experience in the fields of conservation and historic preservation. Our Conservators, Specialists and Technicians possess a broad range of skills, knowledge and experience which allows us to undertake even the most challenging preservation projects with confidence. 


Whether it is wood, metals, masonry, stone, glass, paint, plaster, mosaics, fine art, monument or sculpture, Building Arts & Conservation can provide comprehensive planning and treatments for preservation projects of all sizes and scope. We also collaborate and consult with other preservation professionals and experts as appropriate to fit our client's needs for research, design, materials analysis, specialized fabrication, or materials solutions.

Ron Koenig, Architectural Conservator


Building Arts & Conservation has evolved over the past 30 years from a preservation start-up to a highly respected preservation firm. Our owners are our front line and will be dedicated to providing the highest quality services to ever client, small or large.

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