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Fort Wayne Old City Hall - Historic Photograph ca. 1890

Ft. Wayne Indiana

Old City Hall

Date of Construction: 1893

Date of Restoration: 2004 and 2009

Project: Finishes Analysis; Over-paint Removal; Reinstate Decorative Paint

Old City Hall was constructed ca. 1893 in the Richardsonian-style and functioned as the seat of Fort Wayne, Indiana’s city government until 1971.  A late 19th century photograph showed the Council Chamber had been heavily decorated, but palette and placement of decoration were unclear. In 2004, Building Arts & Conservation investigated the building’s interior finishes to determine the extent of decorative painting surviving below overpaint.  We then created a large representative sample of the original decoration measuring 15' wide and running from the center of the room's ceiling to the floor.  The sample showcased the room’s elaborate decorative paint scheme and served to help the client raise funds for the remainder.  BAC returned to complete the installation in 2009. 

metals paint  glaze  plaster  wood  stencil  gilt

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